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SX3 Credit Repair Software

Why SX3 Credit Repair?


These are some of the reasons that will help you decide to implement SX3 Credit Repair software in your organization. Please read carefully, you will find some important facts about the way you are controlling your business today.



The benefits of Server-based vs. Web-based applications.


Server based application does not mean that your software must be installed on an expensive server; it means that your software is installed on one of YOUR computers in your office. This means that you control YOUR data. You are in charge of your application, your data and most important, your business and the ability to access your files whenever you want.

On the other hand, a web-based application is hosted on the internet and the software providers keep YOUR data on their servers. But what happen when you lose connectivity to the internet? Or even worse, what if the web server crashes? YOU LOSE YOUR DATA!



Server (Windows) based

Web based

(Other Products)

Access to data / Speed.

Immediate, very fast.

All data is in your office.

Very slow,

If loses internet also loses access to data.

Risk of losing your data.

You keep your data,

you are in charge.

Your Vendor keeps

YOUR data.

Business Interruptions.

Your software is

in your office,

you control it.

Internet servers, by nature, go down from time to time.

Features / Flexibility

High number of

features available.

Very limited number of features available.

Data can be hacked/lost

Data is kept in your

internal network.

Your data is in the Internet.

Hackers can take your data.

Application used by Attorney Offices.

Attorneys prefer

Server Based Apps.

Attorneys stay away from Web Based Apps.

Is your Client's sensitive information at rick?


Hackers break into  NASA;

they can break into your

Vendor's web server.


We already have a list of actual Customers who have moved their businesses from web-based applications to our server based SX3 platform. Some of these Clients lost ALL OF THEIR DATA because their software vendor's web server crashed.



SX3's Dispute Wizard: generate dispute letters with unique content, every time.


One of the basic pieces of advice that Credit Repair Organizations must take in consideration is the quality in the content of their Dispute Letters; after all, this is the "engine that moves the business".

It does not matter if you use light blue or a pink font, whether it is bold or italic, today's most basic scanning systems (available for less than $99) that employ OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can transform letters into electronic text, "even if they are hand written".

Credit bureaus keep an enormous database of pre-flagged letters, like the ones used thousands of times from credit repair books and obsolete software packages.

You must get it straight, it is a fact that Credit Bureaus use advanced OCR technology. Don't you think that they will convert all of your letters into text and compare them against their database of pre-flagged letters?

Do you understand why your dispute letters are being responded as frivolous?

Have you counted how many templates of letters you keep in your obsolete software?

Does your software indicate what is the next action/dispute style to use next?

Based on these facts, one can conclude that WHAT MATTERS IS THE CONTENT. SX3's Dispute Wizard offers a unique and proprietary technology that automatically generates the content of your dispute letters, selecting relevant paragraphs from a complex content database to produce unique letters, every time, for every case.

If you select one item from a Client and you dispute it with the three Credit Bureaus, even if you select the same "dispute letter style", the content of each of the three letters automatically generated by Sx3 Credit Repair will be different. Because what matters is the content!

Now, remember that with basic knowledge, a job is as good as the tools used to perform the task. If you keep using the same obsolete software with hundreds of "the same predefined letters" sold to everyone else, you will get the same negative results.



SX3's Dispute Assistant.


Credit Repair Organization owners face these questions everyday:


How many times have you sent a dispute letter for the wrong type of dispute?

How time consuming is it, having to select the right type of letter from a list of tens of templates?

What if your employees don't know what they are doing and select the wrong type of template over and over?

What if you select the same template that you sent in the previous round?


These questions are common and until today, the answer to every one of these questions was not very encouraging.

With SX3 Dispute Assist, right after your users select the type of response from the credit bureau, the program will indicate the type of action that your employee must take, including the style of dispute letter (if that is the case) that must be sent next. This is real automation that provides the confidence that you need to get in the business or to make your organization grow to the next level.

With SX3 Dispute Assist your employees will be able to increase or even duplicate the number of cases that can be processed per month by reducing the time required to manage each case and increasing the effectiveness of every one of your dispute processors.


A Company dedicated to provide "software & excellent tech support".


For more than 10 years, SX3 Software has been committed to providing professional software solutions for multiple industries in the USA and other Countries. We DO NOT compete against our Clients, we do not do Credit Repair and we let our Clients host THEIR data in THEIR servers.

At Sx3 Software, we focus our efforts on providing real software solutions that can automate the day-to-day operations of Credit Repair Organizations while supporting our products with a reputable technical support team.

When you purchase SX3 Credit Repair, you obtain a large list of benefits that include our technical support team, which is here to assist you on every step of your implementation process.


Ask your vendor for a guarantee of 100% availability of your software, all day, every day!


When you implement a software application that controls your day-to-day operations, you MUST be sure that such solution is dependable and that it will be available 100% of the time, otherwise you lose business.

Even a 99% availability means that any day or moment, you will NOT be able to use your software, because web based applications hosted by your vendor on their own web servers will need maintenance and you will not be able to access your data and your business will be affected.

It is a fact, due to the intrinsic nature of the internet, web based applications are not available 100% of the time.

SX3 Software offers windows based applications (hosted locally on your own computers) that can be available 100% of the time. Our applications are easily maintained and hosted locally, this guarantees the dependability of our products to which you must add the experience of our Tech Support Department.




Professional USA based Tech Support via Telephone & Email.

Dispute Wizard: generates your letters with unique content every time!

Preloaded with milestones, tasks & 6200+ Data Furnishers

The most powerful, flexible and manageable Credit Repair Software available.

Download & install your Credit Repair Software in minutes, the same day!





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