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SX3 Credit Repair: general updates

SX3's software products are updated every month with new features, functions, reports and even modules. Official software releases are done once per month. Customers enrolled in the automatic update program receive an email with automatic update once every other week.


General Features

To see updates related to reports please click here.




Dispute process streamlined for Canada users.


We have added a number of features to our software to make it fully compatible with Canada laws, and to allow the user to adapt the software to the Credit Repair Business the way it is done in Canada. Some of the features include:

  • Configure the software to use:
    • ZIP code or Postal Code (Canada).
    • SSN or SIN (Canada)

  • Postal codes: now the program is provided with the complete list of Canada's Postal Codes.

  • Dispute wizard: now the program includes a complete set of data content that is used by the dispute wizard process to generate unique letters. This new content includes the sections of the Canadian Credit Reporting Act.

  • Country auto selection: with the implementation of the Canadian Postal Codes, the system will automatically select the country (USA / Canada) and automatically propose the best dispute letter based on the selected country, selected item and reason of dispute. This streamlines the dispute process and prevents users from selecting the incorrect dispute style involuntarily.

  • Canada dispute style letters: w


CR: 08/02/2012: Auto email to clients when a dispute is "printed".
CR: 08/01/2012: Routing number lookup
CR: 07/31/2012: Welcome Letter button added to sCases1.
CR: 06/25/2012: CASES073.FRX new
CR: 06/25/2012: CASES033.FRX format updated. (more fields)
DR: 06/14/2012: CASES038.QPR new (Created for Tony Nassim)
CR: 05/09/2012: Added Delete Importer CR in Cases1

CR 01/16/12: Save Credit Report when the lead is saved.
CR 01/12/12: Cutomers to upload
CR 01/12/12: When a case is reassigned, customer should be able to select a case status.
CR: 12/05/11: CASES007 (excel) and ARCHIVE010 (excel) created.
CR: 10/14/11: CASES005: Updates with totals per status. This is a complex report.





Bank lookup by routing number.


Don't waste time selecting and validating your customers' bank accounts. Now you can easily locate bank account by entering the routing number. The system is loaded with a complete list of routing numbers and their corresponding banks.




New macros.


The following list of macros has been added to the system:



Customer's bank account: Bank name.


Customer's bank account: Branch name.


Customer's bank account: Branch: Street address.


Customer's bank account: Branch: City.


Customer's bank account: Branch: State.


Customer's bank account: Branch: State.


Customer's bank account: Branch: ZIP Code.


Customer's bank account: Account number.


Customer's bank account: Last 4 digits of account number.


Customer's bank account: Account routing number.


Customer's bank account: Account type.





Improved speed of the Creditors search.


The Creditor's search method was completely redesigned to improve its speed. Now you can search through the 7,000+ Credit Reporting Agencies database in seconds (incremental search with sear by example).




Auto identification of derogatory items imported from credit reports.


This new feature works within the credit report importing module. Now the system has ability to identify items that show derogatory information in the credit report (30, 60, 90 CO, RF, etc). These items are identified in red in the leads module so the user can easily spot them and ask questions to the Client. This new feature makes identifying derogatory information even easier.




One-click dispute filtering makes browsing easier.


Imagine a file with over 20 derogatory items being disputed. Now by clicking on EquiFax logo (or any of the others) the system will filter the dispute letters (from all rounds and all the items) belonging to that selected Credit bureau. This make it easier for the user to find items to respond or follow up, reducing the time required for processing.



Letters to data furnishers (Creditors, Collection Agencies).


Now it is easier than ever before to send dispute letters and validation letters directly to the Data Furnishers (rather than to the Credit Bureaus). Simply click on the new "Furnisher" check box and the system will auto generate a Furnisher's dispute letter with specific content.


With this update, the software will also download a set of new dispute letter styles and a database of content to make those letters unique, just like the letters sent to Credit Bureaus.



One-click multi item response.


This new module allows you to enter responses to multiple items from credit bureaus with just one click.


Now, when you click on "Response" the system will detect if the dispute letter that you selected has multiple items, if so, the system will open a new screen that allows the user to select the responses to all (or part) of the items originally disputed with just one click.



If the items were repaired of deleted: the system will generate a "Per Item Fee" invoice (if needed), update your Client's account and update the item accordingly.


If the items are still in the credit report: the system will generate the dispute letter for the next round automatically for you.


This is a very easy to use feature that increases efficiency by reducing the time required to process responses from credit bureaus.


Detailed case status tracking system.


This new feature allows you to track the number of days that each case spent on each status of your pipeline. Now every time you change the status of a case, the system registers:



Date and time in which the status of the case was changed.


Number of days that the case stayed in the previous status.


User that changed the status of the case.


This new feature is also provided with a set of new reports that allow you to identify possible bottle necks in your process!




Automatic emails to clients.


Do you want to send an email to your clients when their cases reach a certain point in the pipeline? Now this can be done automatically.


This new feature allows you to specify the subject and body of the email that will be automatically sent to your clients when their cases reach a certain status. You do not have to do anything, simply change the status of the case and the system will send the email to your client automatically.


All what you need to do to activate this feature is to enter the text of the body of the email for the desired status in the Catalog of Statues and Tasks. You can also enter macros by simply right clicking on the text box and selecting the macros from the drop down menu. These macros will be replaced with the corresponding value before the email is sent. Some macros include complete Client's information, Sales Rep. name, Processor's name and more.


This is a useful feature that guarantees that your client is aware that his case is moving along the pipeline.




Report filtering.


Your software offers a long list of reports that are grouped by sections (Leads, Active Cases, Archive and more). Now with the new filtering option you can enter a portion of the name of the report and the system will filter the list of report showing those which names contain the string that you entered. This helps you find reports more easy improving the usage of the system.


For example, if you enter "Status", the system will show all the reports that contain the word "status" in its description like:



General - Case average time per status.


General - Cases per Status.


General - Cases registered between dates by status.




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