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What is Included?


The following items and services are included with the purchase of your

SX3 Credit Repair Software.


  Professional software installation & configuration.
    We are proud to offer the highest level of Tech Support available in the industry. With SX3 Software, you do not need to wait for complicated web server configurations. Within minutes of your purchase, our Tech Support Department can install and configure your software.
  Live, private online training.

Our philosophy is to partner with our Clients to help them be successful and profitable. You will receive two 45-min live-online training sessions. These sessions are NOT public webinars; they are private sessions where your team can ask questions based on your own business model.

  Business Training Site.

With your purchase, you will receive access to our extensive Credit Repair Business training website. This website is loaded with important content about "credit repair" and related matters. By reading this site's content you will  learn how the credit repair process works, how to bill your clients and be in compliance , what are the typical responses to the different types of disputes and much more. This content alone is worth the price that you are paying for your software.

  Clear Credit University website (

Provide to your Clients the ability to track the progress of their cases online. You will receive a subdomain within the Clear Credit University website where your Clients will see YOUR logo and YOUR company’s name. The website offers relevant information about credit reports and other important aspects like credit in general, identity theft and more, emphasizing the use of YOUR Credit Repair Company as the best solution for a fast and reliable credit repair service. The web hosting of this website is also included.

  Credit Repair websites.

Starting your credit repair business? With your purchase you will receive several template websites that you can easily customize to adapt them to your needs and match your corporate identity.

These templates are available in different languages:

    Available in:

Template Style 1




Template Style 2




Template Style 3




These websites include images, links between pages and content related to the Credit Repair Business (we also have a list of domain names available for your website). The websites also include registration forms that your visitors will use to enter their information, providing the perfect solution for your online marketing campaign.

Please visit the following links to see how the same website will look completely different using two different sets of colors and remember that you can use all the colors available if you have multiple domain names.


English - Spanish



English - Spanish - Portuguese

  Affiliate Program Promotional Material.

Get affiliate offices to work with you, expand your business, get more leads!

With SX3 Credit Repair Software, you can easily email promotional material (provided with the software) to those interested in becoming Credit Repair Affiliate Partners. You don't need to pay to design this material or purchase additional packages to get it. Your SX3 Credit Repair Software is provided with the promotional material required to start signing up Affiliate Offices from day one!

Do you want to sign up Spanish speaking Affiliate Offices and expand your business even more? No worries; we provide our promotional material completely translated to "proper Spanish" so you can signup more Affiliates and move ahead of your Competition.

All the promotional material provided with your SX3 Credit Repair Software can be easily edited using Microsoft Word.

  Welcome Package.

It is very important to offer a good image to your Clients. It does not matter if you are a one-man operation or a large organization; with SX3 Credit Repair Software you can automatically email a professionally designed, "Personalized Welcome Package" to your new Clients.

With one simple click, the software will email a Welcome Package to your Clients highlighting what they should expect from your Company as well as which are their responsibilities as Clients, fast and easy.

  Fastest Dispute Letter Generator Available in the Industry!

Your SX3 Credit Repair Software is provided with SX3's Dispute Wizard; a proprietary technology developed by SX3 Software that allows you to generate dispute letters with "one click", with unique content (text) and without having to select templates from an endless list of fix content letters.

Dispute Wizard DOES NOT use templates with pre-established text; instead, it generates dispute letters with content automatically taken from a content database (provided with the software and updated regularly) to make each letter "unique", allowing you to pass the e-OSCAR filtering system implemented by the Credit bureaus and reducing the number of "Frivolous" responses.

  10% Discount on the purchase of domain names from SX3 Software.

One of the most tedious and complicated tasks of starting a business is to “find and purchase” a relevant domain name (website address) that can provide both exposure and recognition. We have done all the hard work to compile a list of domain names (available here) that you can purchase from us. Simply select your domain name from the list and get 10% discount of the advertised price.

  Tech Support.

We offer Class A Tech Support, via telephone, email and live chat! (Monday to Friday). If you have questions about how to use any of the features of your software or you need assistance configuring a new station, simply call our exclusive tech support line and one of our software experts will answer your questions.

  Software Updates.

We are constantly improving our software, adapting it to the changes of the Credit Repair Industry, Federal and State regulations and to cover important requirements from our existing Clients. As part of what is included with the software’s monthly access fee, you will receive all the updates released every month. These updates may include new functions, modules, reports and Dispute Wizard Content.



Professional USA based Tech Support via Telephone & Email.

Dispute Wizard: generates your letters with unique content every time!

Preloaded with milestones, tasks & 6200+ Data Furnishers

The most powerful, flexible and manageable Credit Repair Software available.

Download & install your Credit Repair Software in minutes, the same day!



Professional, Powerful & User Friendly Debt Settlement Software



The only HAMP & HAFA Compliant Loan Modification & Short Sale Solution


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