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SX3 Credit Repair is the only software product that offers a complete end-to-end solution for the Credit Repair Industry. From Lead Generation & CRM, importing your Clients' Credit Reports and accounts automatically to truly Automatic Dispute Generation and complete Billing and Accounting.

Dispute Wizard.

More than 1.2 million unique letters.


SX3 Credit Repair 4.0 is the first and only software application


that offers automatic dispute generation via SX3's proprietary dispute wizard technology. With SX3 Credit Repair you can generate your disputes in just few seconds.

Billing Generation.

Auto first work and monthly invoices.


Credit Repair Billing is part of our standard Credit


Repair solution. Our software is provided with automatic billing generation, which generates, prints and email Invoices to clients after first work is completed and after items are repaired or deleted!

Pipeline Control / CRM.

Lead generation and CRM.


Complete pipeline control via SX3 pipeline management


system. Specify the different statuses (and tasks per status) of your leads, cases and archived files. Generate benchmark and milestone reports with one click!

Fast, very fast.

Fastest database of its class.


Windows based application, installed on your


own computers, accessible via your existing LAN or remote server via Internet. No software program can match the features and speed of SX3 Credit Repair v4.0.




SX3 Credit Repair Software.

Version 4.0


The most robust & the fastest business solution for the Credit Repair Industry.


SX3 Credit Repair is the only application in the market that covers all the aspects of the credit repair business in one single solution; Lead Generation, CRM, Dispute Process, Dispute Letters & Billing!


With SX3 Credit Repair Software you can easily import your clients's credit reports in seconds and the system will import contact information, address, credit scores, credit inquiries and itemize all the derogatory items, one-by-one, saving you hundreds of hours of data entry every month, minimizing human error.


SX3 Credit Repair Software is provided with SX3's Dispute Wizard; a proprietary technology developed by SX3 Software that allows you to generate dispute letters with "one click", with unique content (text) and without having to select templates from an endless list of fixed content template letters.


The SX3 Dispute Wizard DOES NOT use templates with pre-established text; instead, it generates your dispute letters with content automatically taken from a content database (provided with the software and updated regularly) to make each letter "unique", allowing you to pass the e-OSCAR filtering system implemented by the Credit bureaus and reducing the number of "Frivolous Responses".


Additionally, SX3 Credit Repair is provided, out of the box, with complete lead generation and billing automation!


Don't believe what we say, schedule your live-private online demo today and experience it by yourself and see what is included with your purchase!



Features at a glance:



Windows based license: you own your data. Your data is in your OWN PCs, not ours!

You can install the application on a laptop for individual use or a regular PC (or server) or a remote server for internet based access.


Create unlimited Credit Repair Programs/Plans to offer to your clients.


Unlimited Branch Offices/Affiliates.


Ability to import your clients' credit reports with one click including derogatory items, credit inquiries  and credit scores.


You have the option of saving your Clients Credit Reports and make them available online on your web portal, thru YOUR OWN web site!


Online Clients Portal. Your Clients can track the progress of their cases via your own existing website (we also provide, at no additional cost, a template website that you can host).


Dispute Wizard.
“Automatic” generation of letters with unique content per letter!


Pre-Leads / Leads / Disputes & Archive modules.

Now you can really manage your cases and keep them organized. This is NOT a letter generator, this is a complete end-to-end CRM application developed for the Credit Repair Industry.


More than 6,200 Data Furnishers Pre-Loaded.


Customizable pipeline Statuses and Tasks pre-loaded with industry standards.


Automatic suggestion of next Dispute Letter (for following rounds).

Proprietary technology that indicates the next step.


Auto attached (and printed) ID Docs to Letters.


Scan or import I.D. Docs directly into the application.


Deploy unlimited web forms (web pages) to collect live leads from the internet!


Import your existing cases or leads.


Available with E-Signature service (optional).


English & Spanish software interface!


Provided with "How to do Credit Repair" business training for you and your employees at NO ADDITIONAL COST.


Provided with live online "private" training.


Available with Private Branding (at an additional cost). Your software will show any software name that you chose!



Other features include:

Windows based license (not web-based).

Implementing a web (internet) based application could be a painful experience if you lose connectivity to your web server, or your web hosting company loses your data due to an "unexpected" system crash.

We offer server based (windows based) software that is installed on your computers in your office (remote access can also be implemented). We will deliver your software in less than 30 min after you purchase it and we can install it on your local or remote server in 1 hour. With SX3 Credit Repair, you own your license and you own your data.

In the last 10 years, we have seen many Companies lose all their data (with all their privileged information) due to the lack of professionalism by their web hosting companies to maintain a professional-level data center. This is one more of the reasons why Attorney based offices will never use web-based applications for their relevant systems.

Server based applications are not only faster and more feature rich but also more secure!


Proven "easy-to-use" user interface

(Available in English & Spanish, selectable per user)

Implementing new software a web (internet) based application could be a painful experience if you lose connectivity to your web server, or your web hosting company loses your data due to an "unexpected" system crash.

We offer server based (windows based) software that is installed on your computers in your office (remote access can also be implemented). We will deliver your software in less than 30 min after you purchase it and we can install it on your local or remote server in 1 hour. With SX3 Credit Repair, you own your license and you own your data.

In the last 10 years, we have seen many Companies lose all their data (with all their privileged information) due to the lack of professionalism by their web hosting companies to maintain a professional-level data center. This is one more of the reasons why Attorney based offices will never use web-based applications for their relevant systems.

Server based applications are not only faster and more feature rich but also more secure!


Multiple Programs (Credit Repair Plans)

If you want to automate the process of selecting the type of program that is better suited for your Clients, SX3 offers a catalog of "Programs and Fees". Under this section, you can specify values like first month's fee, recurrent monthly fee, minimum program term (if any), cancellation fee (if any) and maximum number of accounts per program. This way you can create an array of programs that will automatically be available during the initial Client interview.

For example

Program: "Clear Credit A"

  • $99 First Work fee.

  • $85 recurrent monthly fee.

  • For Clients with 1 to 10 accounts.

  • No minimum terms, no cancellation fee.

Program: "Clear Credit B"

  • $89 First Work fee.

  • $75 recurrent monthly fee.

  • For Clients with 11 to 20 accounts.

  • Minimum of 3 months in the program and $75 cancellation fee.


Loaded with Content

SX3 Credit Repair represents a truly complete solution for the Credit Repair business owner. We have included a training site with important information about many aspects of the business, from Federal to State specific laws. Training your employees is now easier than never before!



Multiple Branch Offices

This includes a complete set of features that enable Credit Repair Organizations who have Processing Centers to create Remote Offices, Branches or Independent Credit Repair Affiliates. With the Processing Center Edition (Included in all versions of SX3 Credit Repair), users can easily configure representation agreements "per Branch Office" which allows the use of different Company names, contact information, logos, etc.

If your Company has Branch Offices or is processing Credit Repairs for referring companies, this set of features is ideal for you; it offers all the features needed to manage your distributed pipeline with enhanced data access security and flexibility.

Users setup: the User's setup screen allows the Administrator to associate users to Branch Offices and at the same time, each Branch Office may contain multiple Users Groups, this offers the opportunity of controlling access to cases by Group/Branch.


Automatic Importation of your Clients Credit Reports

This unique feature offers a dramatic reduction of time during new-leads intake process and minimizes human error. This translates directly into an increase of your profit margins and allows your Company to offer a better service to your Clients from the first time of contact.

How are you capturing your Clients derogatory items? Are you entering your Clients personal info manually? Does the following screen tell you anything? Do you have a copy of your Clients Credit Report on file?

The SX3 Credit Repair Software is so efficient that only with the savings associated to the costs of processing, you can recover your investment in just few weeks.


Automatic Generation of Unique Dispute Letters

One of the most important factors of the Credit Repair business is to be able to generate unique dispute letters, with not only a different font or color but unique "content" (text).

When you send a dispute letter to the credit bureaus, they will scan the letter using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and convert the image into text that can be stored on a database and compared against a database of preexisting letters to flag your dispute as frivolous or denied as soon as it is received.

With Dispute Wizard from SX3 Credit Repair, you just need to select the dispute letter template that you want to use (you can have unlimited templates) and the system will randomly generate the content of the letter based on a database of multiple entries, making sure that no letter is the same or even "similar". This guarantees that your disputes will pass the first requirement of the Credit Bureaus and increase the chances of obtaining a result in the first round.

You do not need to have hundreds of template letters that at some point will be repeated or sent twice. With Dispute Wizard, the system will generate the content of your letters selecting it randomly from the content's database for you, all automatically. You can always make further changes to the generated letters to even make them more unique if you want.


Multi users with detailed user rights and data access specification.

SX3 Credit Repair Network Infrastructure allows Administrators of small, medium or large Companies to not only oversee but to manage in detail what each user can "access or do" through the system. Administrators can grant/deny access to modules, functions and reports of the program. This also allows Administrators to create Credit Repair Branch Offices and Users Groups per branch, Branch Managers and Regular Users enabling "collaboration" and limiting (if required) the access to cases.



Under each Credit Repair Office, when you create users groups you can specify if a given user can access only his/her own documents or if he/she can also access the cases of all those other users members of his/her user group. You can also specify if a user can access all the cases of a branch or all the branches. Some other features include adding/editing/deleting payments from Customers, payments to Referring Agents, Adding/Editing/Deleting Service fees and much more.

The following screen shows the different levels of access to cases. This can be easily setup per user from the users module.



The SX3 Credit Repair Software allows the Administrator to select from the following four levels of access (see image above):



Own Cases only: the user can only see his/her own cases.


Cases under my Users Group: the user can see all the cases of other users under his/her same User's Group.


Cases under my Branch Office: the user can see all the cases of the users under his/her Branch.


All the Cases: the user can see all the Credit Repair cases registered in the database, for all the Branch Offices.


Control of Appointments.

With SX3 Credit Repair software you have the convenience and ease-of-use of a real MS Windows based Client-Server user interface; additionally to this, SX3 Credit Repair software synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook.


Every time you enter/modify an appointment in SX3, if you select the option to synchronize, it gets updated in your MS Outlook as well. This way, you can keep everything updated, personal and work appointments.



Customizable pipeline statuses and tasks.

We offer our unrivaled pipeline management system. This set of features provides a complete solution to manage your pipeline; from the specification of each "Case Status" down to the list of "Tasks per Status" and instructions for your employees.

You can outline your business model, determine the statuses that a case must go thru through the pipeline plus the tasks that must be completed under each status. These tasks are automatically assigned to each case with a number of days for completion.

The SX3 Credit Report business modeling feature is unique in the Credit Repair Industry; when combined with the reporting capabilities (Cases per Status, past due tasks per users group, branch, etc) it offers true control of your processes.


6,200+ Data Furnishers (Creditors and Collection Agencies).

Counting with all the experience acquired from the Debt Settlement industry, we can offer the most complete and accurate list of Data Furnishers (Creditors and Collection Agencies) available, with over 6,200 Data Furnishers preloaded in your database.


Leads and Cases windows (Lead Generation / CRM / Disputes).

SX3 Credit Repair offers a complete Lead Generation/CRM system. Some features include:

  • Import data from other databases/programs and import leads from any Lead Vendor using the Lead Import module.

  • Download leads directly from the internet from any Lead Vendor and Affiliate Office.

  • Manage pre-leads and current leads by Sales Rep., Users Group, Branch/Affiliate Office and Company.

  • Easily identify leads by color (you can configure the colors).

  • Group leads by Status (you can specify your own statuses).

  • Assign activities/tasks per status that must be completed in a given number of days.

  • Generate reports using different parameters and conditions.

  • Quick search by multiple fields.

  • Filter records that need follow up with one click.

  • Sort the content of the browse window by any column.

The Leads and the Active Cases modules allow you to organize your pipeline by grouping the Leads (Prospects) and Pre-Leads (imported prospects that have yet been assigned to a Sales Rep.) in one section of the software and the active Cases (in dispute) in another.

By combining these features with the data access restriction per user, you can define what each user can have access to, set the data access boundaries of your Sales Team and offer a clean pipeline to your Case Processing Team that will include only the cases that they are working on.


Closed cases archive - Statistics - Reports.

This module allows you to manage Close Cases; this way, your Case Processing Team does not have to deal with old cases that have been closed. This module offers all the functionality of the Active Cases module plus a set of reports specific to this section.

Remember that using the Statuses and Tasks you can specify if a case was closed and can be used as referral as well as many other customizable conditions.


Email Campaigns.

With SX3 Credit Repair you can import leads, generate regular mail and bulk email campaigns, manage leads follow up calls and more. The software also offers a complete set of automation features that enable the "Automatic Case follow up".


Email or eFax documents directly from the software to your Clients.

From the email center, users can send emails directly from the software and even attached multiple scanned or imported documents from each Case. Fast and easy! The software will also keep track of sent emails, the user who sent it, attached files and more.


Customize your Representation Agreements based on each branch office.

Do you have affiliate offices and want to customize your agreements? It is simple with the unlimited Branch Offices feature from SX3 Credit Repair; you can specify individual agreements per branch, allowing you to add logos, slogans, addresses, telephone numbers and more to each specific agreement.

This feature makes it easy for you to become a processing or back office center, processing cases behind the scenes while your affiliates offer services with branded documentation!


Manage your Accounts Payable / Receivable - Collections Reports.

During the last 10 years, we have seen how every Client's needs in terms of reports are very different. SX3 Credit Repair is provided with a preloaded list of reports, of which, many offer parameters like "between dates, per Affiliate, per Sales Rep. and more".

This list of reports is "open", which mean that we can easily add more reports by request. Reports can be emailed directly from the system, exported to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF.


Optional E-Signature via

Send your agreements and other documents directly to your clients via email for electronic signature!

SX3 Credit Repair interfaces for only an optional flat fee of $20 per month, for unlimited emails, unlimited users.

You can add the convenience of e-signature and expedite your process even further. Ask your account representative for more details.




Scan/Import and manage your Clients' documents directly into the application.



Question #1:

What do you do when a Client calls in with a question about a case? Do you need to search through a file to find a folder, then search for an specific document?


Question #2:

Are you outsourcing your negotiation services with individuals who work from out of your workplace? How do you send them the docs every time you need to update a file?


Question #3:

When you send a document by fax or email to the Bank, do you need to stamp the Name of the Client, SSN, Address, etc on each page?


Question #4:

Have you ever lost one of your Client's docs?


With SX3 Credit Repair, all you need to do is to receive your Client's docs and scan them directly into the database or import them directly into the software. You do not need to rename or move files from one folder to another. SX3 allows you to scan the documents with a simple click, recording the docs in the database and adding a header (which can also be customized) with the fields that you specify.


Paper driven Companies are not efficient and unless you devote a great deal of time auditing your Dispute Experts, it is almost impossible to generate up to date reports.

Note: the scanner must use a TWAIN driver. The TWAIN driver is the most popular driver available.


Allow your Customers to track their cases online with SX3 Web Component.

Allowing your Clients to be informed of the progress of their cases is very important. By doing so, you are not only keeping them informed but also reducing the number of incoming calls into your 1-800 line.

With SX3 Web Component, you can publish information about your Clients files which can be accessed thru your own website, which is provided with your software and customized with your logos and colors. Clients can log in, using the assigned user name and password, easy and safe!


English and Spanish user's interface & Websites.

All of our tools offer complete English and Spanish user interface, selectable per user, this way if a user feels better using the software in Spanish, all what the user needs to do is to click on "Spanish" and the entire system will change menus, messages and screens to Spanish. Click on that icon again and the system will be back to English interface, that simple!

We offer several template websites (provided with your software) that allow you to get in business from day one. These websites are provided in English and as well as "proper" Spanish. Our team of software engineers include bilingual professionals who speak Spanish (as their native language) which translate every one of the paragraphs of our template websites using correct translations.


Import your data from your existing software or excel files.

Whether you want to import data from your existing application or from Leads providers, SX3 Credit Repair offers unlimited capabilities to import data. You can create and save unlimited importing rules that allow you to import data records from Microsoft Excel, Word, Text (TXT) or CSV files. You can specify the order and content of the columns on each file, specify the field separator (Tabs, commas, other) and save the importing rule for future use, all with simple click on our server based application.


Other tools include:

  • Tools window: one click access to the websites of entities related to the Credit Repair business.

  • Grow! Extremely powerful database tested with 10 million cases.


The benefits of working with an established software company.

With our unique interface and feature rich software, we rapidly became the standard software of all major Credit Repair Companies:



We improve our applications constantly with new features to adapt them to the changes of the Credit Repair Industry adding reports and new features.


We provide Class A tech support.


We offer a cutting edge solution for this booming business.


We offer the first complete and intelligent Credit Repair software ever created for this segment of the Credit Industry on a server based platform so you can own your data, not relying on web hosting companies that lose your data!


We are a staffed Company with a team of well trained professionals that provide Class A technical support to our Clients.


SX3 Credit Report is not an adaptation of an existing application; we have put 10 years of experience developing large scale databases for different business types around the world to develop this solution from scratch.


Call us today to schedule a personalized live online demo of the SX3 Credit Repair software. We do not do webinars with attendees from multiple Companies, we do our demos person-to-person in private sessions. Our knowledgeable software specialists will show you the many ways SX3 Credit Repair software can streamline the processing of your cases and the supervision of your employees.


Toll free 1-888-940-8084 x 201 or send an email to


Private Branding.

When you purchase a license of SX3 Software, it shows the name of your company on all the screens plus the SX3 Software Icon (logo). If you want to hide the SX3 brand, you have the option of private branding your software. Private Branding is available at a very low additional cost. DO NOT let your employees become your next competitors!





What is included?

  Email with software download & installation instructions (same day of purchase).
    You do not need to wait for complicated web server configurations. Within minutes of your purchase, you will receive an email with the detailed download and installation instructions. Install your software and setup your stations in just minutes!
  Professional database installation and setup.

No time for the installation? Once you receive your download and installation email, simply call our exclusive Tech Support line and one of our tech support specialists will perform the main database installation and setup as many network stations as seats purchased with your license.

  Live, private online training.

Our philosophy is to partner with our Clients to help them be successful and profitable. You will receive two 45-min live-online training sessions. These sessions are NOT public webinars; they are private sessions where your team can ask questions based on your own business model.

  Clear Credit University website (

Provide to your Clients the ability to track the progress of their cases online. You will receive a subdomain within the Clear Credit University website where your Clients will see YOUR logo and YOUR company’s name. The website offers relevant information about credit reports and other important aspects like credit in general, identity theft and more, emphasizing the use of YOUR Credit Repair Company as the best solution for a fast and reliable credit repair service. The web hosting of this website is also included.

  Credit Repair website.

Starting your credit repair business? With your purchase you will receive a template website that you can customize to adapt it to your needs and match your corporate identity.

These professionally designed template websites include images, links between pages and content related to the Credit Repair Business. The websites also include registration forms that your visitors will use to enter their information, providing the perfect solution for your online marketing campaign.

Please visit the following links to see how the same website will look completely different using two different sets of colors and remember that you can use all the colors available if you have multiple domain names.


English - Spanish



English - Spanish - Portuguese



  20% Discount on the purchase of domain names from SX3 Software.

One of the most tedious and complicated tasks of starting a business is to “find and purchase” a relevant domain name (website address) that can provide both exposure and recognition. We have done all the hard work to compile a list of domain names (available here) that you can purchase from us. Simply select your domain name from the list and get 10% discount of the advertised price.

  Tech Support.

We offer Class A Tech Support, via telephone, email and live chat! (Monday to Friday). If you have questions about how to use any of the features of your software or you need assistance configuring a new station, simply call our exclusive tech support line and one of our software experts will answer your questions.

  Software Updates.

We are constantly improving our software, adapting it to the changes of the Credit Repair Industry, Federal and State regulations and to cover important requirements from our existing Clients. As part of what is included with the software’s monthly access fee, you will receive all the updates released every month. These updates may include new functions, modules, reports and Dispute Wizard Content.





Professional USA based Tech Support via Telephone & Email.

Dispute Wizard: generates your letters with unique content every time!

Preloaded with milestones, tasks & 6200+ Data Furnishers

The most powerful, flexible and manageable Credit Repair Software available.

Download & install your Credit Repair Software in minutes, the same day!



Professional, Powerful & User Friendly Debt Settlement Software




The only HAMP & HAFA Compliant Loan Modification & Short Sale Solution




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