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SX3 Debt Settlement Software: web acccess

Version 3.0.


Allow your Clients to check the progress of their cases online!


Keeping your customers informed is basic to improve your Customers satisfaction and reduce the number of incoming calls.


With SX3 Debt Settlement Web Access you can allow your customers to log into a section of your own website; using a predefined user's name and password they can check the status of their own case online, this way you can drastically reduce the number of incoming calls and increase the level of Customer service you provide to your customers.



Corporate web access: Allow all your Team to check their cases online!


Another great feature recently added to SX3 Web Access (see updates) is the "Web Access for Referring Agents, Attorneys, Sale Reps. and Negotiators. All the entities related to each case can easily go online, to your own web site and log in to access a list of their cases. The visitors just have to click on each case to display the details, general case status, status per debt account, case total and balance, required documents consigned and more.


Software features:


SX3 web component have some great features that allow you to:

  • No need of web development; this program is ready to be installed in your Linux or Windows based web server.

  • Specify how often you want to update content to your website.

  • Allow access to cases online to:

    • Clients,

    • Attorneys,

    • Negotiators,

    • Sale Reps,

    • Supervisors,

    • Referring Agents.

  • Specify how often you want to update content to your website.

  • Use your own web site to host the data and log in page.

  • Specify which notes can be seen by your Customers.

  • Customize the looking of your login and case detail info pages:

    • Add your logos.

    • Use your website colors.

    • Insert the macros that you are used to work with in SX3 Debt Settlement Software. SX3 Web Component will replace those macros with the information populated from each case's record.

  • Easily broadcast a message to your Customers using the "broadcast message" option.

  • Easy and fast setup.

You can visit our sample login page and see a demo case online.

Contact us today for further details!





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