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SX3 Debt Settlement Software: sample screens.


Main Screen

Get to the different

modules with a single click!

Catalogs Module

"Easy and Powerful" control of

your entire Company.


Login screen (Multi user)

Multi User platform with ability

to select access to functions and cases

per User, User Group and Branch.

Program Development Module

"Flexible and very powerful" module that allows you to create an unlimited number of Debt Settlement Programs.


List of Attorney Required/Not Required States

The List of States is linked to

the Multi-Programs module.

New Customer Interview

Our Step-by-Step interview process offers an

easy and secure way to collect Leads information,

simply follow the arrows...


Debt Entry (Specific)

Complete Debt Account entry screen.

Click on the Creditor to search using "samples".

Save & Continue: to continue adding accounts.

Save & Close: to go to the Debt List.

Professional interface

Detailed on-screen messages with specific

instructions and links to the support website.


List of Debt Accounts (Interview)

Complete list of Customer Debt.

Email your prospect a Quote with one click!

Easily select between different Programs and Terms!

Complete Financial Statement screen.

You can enter 2 different scenarios & customize the Income, Deductions and Expenses entries.


Fast Quote Calculator

Easily send a quote to your leads,

showing cost of Doing Nothing, Counseling,

Consolidation & With Your Program.

Fast, easy and with one click!




Provide Educational

Content to your Clients.


Contact via email

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