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SX3 Debt Settlement Software: MicrosoftTM OutlookTM integration.

Version 3.0.


This powerful feature allows your entire team to effortlessly synchronize their appointments in SX3 Debt Settlement with their Outlook accounts (a license of MS Outlook is required on the station for this feature to work).


You can also sync your appointments with your MS Outlook compatible mobile phone! Don't miss an appointment or Creditor's follow up call again; this new feature allows you to take all scheduled activities with you on the road.


Every time you create or modify an appointment in SX3 Debt Settlement, it syncs with your MS Outlook account so you can keep everything together and receive mobile and on screen alerts. This feature is only available in the version 1.5 of the SX3 Debt Settlement Software.


SX3 Debt Settlement is the most powerful and feature-reach software developed for the Debt Settlement Industry. Call today for information and a free "private" live online demo.


Now you can keep "everything" together, with the MS Outlook integration from SX3 Debt Settlement 3.0.





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