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Frequently asked questions:


These are some of the most common questions about the implementation of our Database application.


Is SX3 software compatible with Windows 8?


Yes, SX3 Software is compatible with Windows 8 for both, 32 and 64 bits.


Is SX3 software compatible with Windows 7?


Yes, SX3 Software is compatible with Windows 7 for both, 32 and 64 bits.


I have a sever and multiple stations, how many licenses do I need to purchase?


ONLY ONE! SX3 is network ready and we offer an array of licenses for multiple users to cover all your needs. 


How fast can I have my license installed?


The same day your payment is received! Our users also count with a complete support website. This website contains a complete menu of video-tutorials and text help sections that will teach you how to setup the program, customize your documentation, create users, case processing, negotiation and more.


Can the users access the program from my remote offices, can the program be hosted on a remote server?


YES! It is very easy, you have several options to allow access to remote users keeping your data secure.


Remote server hosting: SX3 can be hosted on a remote server (e.g., This will allow the users to access the program via the internet from offices located in different cities.


Local server with remote access: on your own local server you can also setup a software like Windows Terminal Services (widely used on network environments) and allow remote users access into the SX3 via the internet. The remote access software is not included with your license of SX3 Software.


VPN connection: you can establish a VPN path to the data folder on the server, this will allow internet based access to the software. This option is only recommended if your internet connection is stable and very fast. This should be your last option.


Check the system Requirements page for operating system specifications.


What are the main advantages that make SX3 the best option?



User interface & ease of use: after more than 20 years designing software applications, our software Engineers know what it takes to design software tools that are intuitive and easy to use. Check our sample screen pages and see for yourself why our Customers love the SX3's interface.

If you are an IT professional or a business manager you know how difficult can be to implement a new software platform that does not offer an easy way to control your day-to-day operations, this can be the difference between chaos or success.



Flexibility: SX3 offers the most flexible windows based software available today. Most of our options are not fixed but drop down menus that each user can customize to their own needs.

Additionally, SX3 is the only software that offers an open Documents Template module where you can import from Microsoft Word your existing documents (welcome letter, clients responsibility list, do not contact letter, you own template letters, etc) and insert macros like customer's name, address, account/loan numbers, etc. to build your own menu of common documentation, which can be easily printed or emailed.

Check the details features pages to find out more.



Feature rich: we offer by far the most feature rich software for each one of the industries (Loan Modification & Short Sale, Credit Repair and Debt Settlement) we provide solutions for. 



Security: we not only offer many levels of security "per user" where you can specify access to information, modules and functions of the program but we also offer a web based authentication process that allows you to LOCK your software if your main server/computer is stolen.



Scalability: SX3 was designed by professionals with years of experience and tested with a demo database of more than 10 million cases. Our relational database was designed in such a way that it can be expanded to accommodate the most rigorous environments with high loads of concurrent transactions.



Can I predefine my own process pipeline and milestones?



YES! With SX3 you can specify your own statuses per case, for example:

Lead: Just received - Review.


Lead: Documentation completed - Transfer to Cases.


Lead: Rejected - Does not Pre-Qualify.


Case: Just received - Review.


Archive: Approved.


Archive: Rejected.


Can I use SX3 without a scanner?


Yes! You can easily import PDF files into the program and associate them to each required document per case.


Can I use SX3 with a scanner connected to my network?


Yes! Network scanners can be easily configured to save the scanned documents as PDFs files, and you can import these files into the program and associate them to each required document per case. You can specify different target folders, as detailed as one individual folder per user to identify the document owner on large network environments.





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