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The leader in

Loan Mod & Short Sale

software since 2009

The loan modification and short sale software that will help to grow your business and to have more control over your processing team.

Windows  Based

Most attorney offices prefer our software because it is installed on their local computers or their windows servers on the cloud, adding security to their clients' data management.

Fastest LM & SS software in its class.

Windows based application, installed on your own computers, accessible via your existing LAN or remote server via Internet with zero down-time. No software program can match the features and speed of SX3.

The software preferred by attorneys!

Track and bill time spent on each case, per user! After working on a case, users decide if the time spent will be registered and automatically billed based on the Client's Rep. Agreement, integrating with the billing system.

Detailed Pipeline Control / CRM

The undisputed leader, SX3LM offers the features needed to manage your clients' home loan mofications, including attorney time tracking, billing and more. SX3LM provides the tools that your processors need to negotiatie new loan terms.

What the SX3 Loan Modification & Short Sale Demo:

SX3 Loan Modification & Short Sale Software

Loan modifications and Short Sales are now well regulated businesses, with clear rules that have provided Attorney firms and private Loan Modification companies the ability to be profitable business ventures. Well organized Attorney Firms and Loan Modification Companies can provide the case management, negotiation and the required tracking during the process of a Loan Modification or a Short Sale while using SX3 Loan Modification and Short Sale Software.

Homeowners are more educated and cautious when selecting a Company or an Individual to represent them; this is why you must be prepared to deliver results, update your customers timely, submit documents as required and demonstrate that you are really taking care of your Clients in case of an audit. Only SX3 Loan Modification & Short Sale Software can deliver what you need when you need it.

SX3 Software has reached the impressive milestone of ten thousand users nationwide, an undeniable prove of the reliability and quality of our software applications. In addition to government regulations, our customers base allows us to keep our applications up to date by attending to our customers suggestions. Don't trust our word, ask your competitor.

Features at a glance

  • Windows based license: you own your data, you host it! We can install your application on a laptop for individual use, a regular PC, standalone server or a remote server to enable remote/internet based access.
  • Unlimited Loan Modification and Short Sale cases. Powerful database, tested with 10 million records.
  • Management of negotiations with "topics" selection and "canned" notes.
  • Preloaded with Application Forms of the top lenders that auto populate your clients information.
  • Generate the SX3's unique professional Loan Modification or Short Sale Proposals. Present your own Loan Modification or Short Sale proposal to the Lenders.
  • Attorneys/Paralegals Functionality. Track the time spent on each case with details of name of user and duration of each session. Bill the time with the automatic billing function. Create "Attorney Users" that can see their cases even when they come from different branch offices/processors. Generate reports.
  • Online Clients Portal. Your Clients can track the progress of their cases via your own existing website.
  • Pre-Leads/Leads/Negotiation & Archive modules. Now you can really manage your cases and keep them organized. With a complete workflow that you can configure and SX3's end-to-end CRM application developed for the Loan Modification and Short Sale Industry.
  • Unlimited Branch Offices/Affiliates and unlimited Attorneys. Manage, group, filter your cases easily.
  • Customize your pipeline (process) Statuses and Tasks Provided preloaded with industry standards.
  • Customize and automate your own Documents & Agreements*. Easily edit your actual documents with Microsoft Word (not provided) and convert them in templates that auto populate your Clients info.
  • Customize your services catalog, add multiple types and specify different commissions
  • Accounting
    • Accounts Receivable - Payments scheduler - Payment receipts - Collection Reports
    • Accounts Payable - Control of Agents - Control of different types of commissions
  • Automation
    • Scan/Import and manage your Clients' documents directly into the application
    • Email or eFax the entire Loan Modification or Short Sale package "directly" to the Lenders! (E-Fax account not included.)
    • Detailed cost of repairs module.
    • Financial Statement module with 3 scenarios and report generation
    • Assets and Liabilities module and report generation
    • Automation of Hardship Letters with hardship macros
  • Control of appointments thru the appointments module plus Microsoft Outlook interface (optional, Microsoft Outlook not included)
  • Multi users with detailed user rights and data access specification
  • Compatible with www.Signa2r.com E-Signature service (optional)
  • Import your Clients data from any other software in Microsoft css files
  • English & Spanish software interface selectable per user
  • Provided with live-online "private" training
  • Professionally developed, very easy "user interface" with a short learning curve


With SX3 Software, you are buying your softwae license out right, there are no yearly fees unless you want to do private branding. Every license is provided with a set number of users plus one Administrator, and you only pay a low monthly software maintenance fee that also includes trainings.

Onetime Fee

Annual Fee

Maintenance Fee

Private Branding

2 User license

(1 user + 1 Admin)




($30 p/user, 1 user free)



3 User license

(2 users + 1 Admin)




($30 p/user, 1 user free)



6 User license

(5 users + 1 Admin)




($30 p/user, 1 user free)



11 User license

(10 users + 1 Admin)




($30 p/user, 1 user free)



21 User license

(20 users + 1 Admin)




($30 p/user, 1 user free)



  • If you buy a 2-User license, your monthly payment will be $30 (admin is free).

  • If you buy a 3-User license, your monthly payment will be $60 (admin is free).

  • If you buy a 6-User license but you want to only use a total of 4 users, your monthly payment will be $90 (3 x $30, admin is free).

For a larger number of users please contact us. Our prices include private, live, online training, software installation and the first 30 days of maintenance fee.


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